This page is a running update of stances on different issues, which sides seem to be making the best case. So this is a one-stop shop for our take on health debates and/or all the different sides of the debate and/or what issues are actually in question.


good – light – medium – bad
eat tons – eat some – eat seldom – cheat to eat

MUFA: good
PUFA: bad
SAFA: good without high-carb
Grains: bad
Legumes: bad to medium, poor protein-carb ratio, potentially harmful in other ways
Nuts: light, handful per day (Mongongo nuts, macadamia nuts, sunflower seeds, almonds are best.)
Sugar: medium, natural sources superior – raw honey, grade B maple syrup, fruit
Vegetables: good, if really a vegetable. raw or cooked depends
Dairy: light, fermented, whole fat
Gluten: bad, inflammatory; foods have poor protein-carb ratio
Soy (everything): bad, estrogenic – fermented is light, incidental lecithin is medium
Canola oil: bad, rancidiophilic
Juicing: pointless
Fermentation: makes everything better! most fermented food in stores no longer contains good bacterias
Fiber: probiotics vs. prebiotics vs. soluble fiber vs. insoluble fiber
Protein per Day: 1g/lb of body weight


Walking: 5 hrs/wk
Running: unnecessary
Aerobic Exercise: keep heart rate under 75% max
Anaerobic Exercise: good
Weightlifting / Strength Training: good, lift body weight first, whole body workouts
Yoga: good, stretching and lifting body weight


Deodorant: coconut oil, baking soda
Soap: coconut oil, baking soda, brown sugar
Shampoo: hot water
Squating: easier more natural bowel movements
Shoes: barefoot or vibrams, but not as high priority as food and movement
Teeth: miswak is better than toothbrush if you use it right
Toothpaste: baking soda, peppermint oil…
Work Chair: soft vs. hard (In my experience, hard is better)
Bed: Hammock vs. floor
Bedtime: ≈11pm, before midnight, when you’re tired
Amount of sleep: 8 hrs?, !Kung get 10 total incl. naps
Light at Night: stop normal electric light at 9pm – use filters, candles, etc.
Electric Lighting: not all the right frequencies, get sunlight
Amount of Water per Day: 1/2 body weight in oz.
Sunscreen: none? no PABA, parabens, etc. coconut oil and green tea paste?
Melatonin Supplements: bad, triggers body to change production of it
Posture: watch how you sit, stand, run, sleep. pay attention to repeated tasks and unergonomic workspaces.
Supplements: Focus on getting your nutrients from food, try to avoid them, use medicinally.
Bug Spray: Don’t use the industrial stuff. Just rub on peppermint or germanium essential oil.
Dishwashing Liquid. Use natural stuff.
Household Cleaning Products: Can be scary. There’s tons of natural substances that have traditionally been used as cleaners, e.g. baking soda, lemon juice.

The Deep End

Silverware: Can you get harmful trace metals from it if it’s real silver?
Water with Meal: Can it water down your stomach acid? Can drinking too much water harm your digestion?
Raw meat: Really?
Fluoride: Another debate that just needs to be resolved. Finding alternatives is probably better in the mean time.
Plastic Containers: Is plastic safe? At least don’t microwave it. Again in the mean time, it’s probably better to just stick to glass.
A/C, Heat – Climate Control: prevents body from adapting, fluctuations shock? max fresh air vs. best filters vs. cheap filters
Drinking Water: filtered better? unsure of type…
Drinking Water Temperature: effect on body temp? too cold can shock body?
Bathing Water: filter
Swimming in Chlorinated Water: ?
Paper: They do a surprising amount of awful things to tree pulp to make it into pristine white paper. Could it be toxic?
Household Paint: What’s in ’em?
Mealtime Focus: Some say to not focus on anything else while you’re eating. Yet eating slower lowers GI of meal.
Mealtime Posture: Standing is bad? Reclining best for digestion?

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