Close-up of kale

Vegetables Highest in Protein

Close-up of kale

  1. Bean Sprouts
  2. Kale
  3. Rapini
  4. Mushrooms
  5. Artichokes
  6. Spinach
  7. Collard Greens
  8. Parsley
  9. Mustard Greens
  10. Broccoli
  11. Zucchini
  12. Garden Cress
  13. Beet Greens
  14. Arugula
  15. Brussels Sprouts
  16. Bamboo Shoots
  17. Hubbard, Kabocha (Cucurbita maxima)
  18. Asparagus
  19. Watercress
  20. Cauliflower
  21. Bok Choy

So kale is the highest vegetable in protein that’s the most efficient to eat as it’s hard to eat a ton of bean sprouts. Because it’s a dark green and oxalates are a factor, mushrooms would be the best low oxalate source of protein from vegetables. If you prioritize these ingredients in your dishes, defaulting to them the most rather than lettuce and carrots, you’ll be increasing your protein intake (and all of the other great things from Brassica oleracea as well)

If you bother with legumes on occasion, these are the best:

Fermented Soy
Peas and Snap/Snow Peas

Soy is commonly fermented so you can find the proper way to consume a legume most accessible with soy. Peas seem to be the most vegetable-like of the legumes and are only surpassed in protein by lima beans.
World’s Healthiest Foods

Re: Thanksgiving Recipe Roundup


All the recipes we followed this year were from PaleOMG’s Thanksgiving . Thanks, Juli, all of the recipe’s were wonderful!

We made a turkey with giblet gravy and FODMAPless Sausage Stuffing and we added oysters, the turkey’s liver, some white wine. By far my favorite part of the meal!




It didn’t last long – we finished it off for breakfast!


We made the Bacon and Chive Sweet Potato Biscuits, but used Japanese sweet potatoes (the purple Ipomoea batatas) instead because their so bready already. They turned out really mushy, somewhere between bread and mashed potatoes. We just peeled, boiled, and mashed them rather than follow the strange ritual the recipe described, but maybe we should have…


We made mashed sweet potatoes and I attempted to make marshmallow cream, but that didn’t turn out so well. (It turned into the thickest jello I’ve ever seen.

The greatest success of the meal, though, was the Pumpkin Cheesecake. I didn’t dare put 3 tbsps of lemon juice and I’m so glad I didn’t cause 1 was plenty. I used maple syrup instead of honey. Maranatha No-Stir Crunchy Almond Butter tastes like Reese’s peanut butter, making the crust even more amazing.



I’ve never eaten so much food at Thanksgiving and not felt tired and woozy. I was tingly stuffed, but none of the grain-carb-induced coma. So thankful for that!

Happy Thanksgiving!